English for Motivated Professionals

The problem at this point is that your English is affecting your job performance. Oftentimes, you feel embarrassed because your colleagues/clients have a hard time understanding you when you speak in English. You don’t understand or know how to use English idioms, expressions, and phrases to express yourself. You feel challenged when participating in meetings in English or writing professional business emails. Also, you don’t feel comfortable or confident giving presentations in English. Your presentations can be boring and the audience loses interest very quickly. Oftentimes, you feel self-conscious and don’t know what to do with your hands and/or body. You hate the fact that you sound like a robot and lose your personality during the presentation.                                                                   

Rest assured, you are not alone!

With my help, you will have the confidence to give presentations in English that are engaging and handle all the tricky questions. You will know how to use your body to communicate with your audience and use your voice to present your authentic self. You will be able to listen better and respond appropriately. By working with me, you can significantly improve your English communication skills. Your colleagues/clients will be able to understand you clearly. You will be able to expand your business English vocabulary to better express yourself and have the confidence to participate in meetings and write professional business emails in English.          

As my program is designed to work with your specific needs, it is helpful to learn more about you and your situation. Book a FREE 30 minute strategy session with me today by choosing a date and time below!

My online classes are carefully planned and designed in a manner geared toward the knowledge that schedules are busy and that individuals want comprehensive lessons that account for their time.

The following topics are covered in my 10 week program:

  • Expand Vocabulary & Build Confidence in Meetings & Interviews
  • Communicating authentically & sounding more professional
  • Using phrasal verbs, buzzwords & idioms to communicate more fluently
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Communicating confidently and fluently in your meetings and calls
  • Develop Clear & Natural Pronunciation
  • Using stress and intonation in English
  • Pronouncing English vowel sounds clearly
  • Using linking and the features of connected speech to speak more fluently
  • Presentation tips and strategies
  • The keys to an engaging presentation
  • Awareness of body language, how to answer questions, & overcoming nervousness
  • How to write emails with brevity and clarity