“A lot on my plate”

Idiom Chat and The Joy of English! with guest, Amil Rasheed.

“A lot on my plate”

In today’s video, we use the idiom, “a lot on my plate”. This idiom is widely used and means to be very busy or to have a lot of responsibilities to deal with.

Here are some example sentences to help you:

“I can see by looking at my schedule that I have a lot on my plate today!”

“Can you help me with this or do you have a lot on your plate right now?”

Notice that we use the verbs “have” and “got” with this idiom and the possessive adjective can change to indicate who is busy. For example:

“She has a lot on her plate.”

“I’ve got a lot on my plate.” Here, a native English language speaker may use reduction and it will sound like this: “I gottalot on my plate”.

Today, I speak to Amil Rasheed, who coaches business English communication to IT professionals. We discuss our entrepreneurial journeys and Amil’s busy schedule!

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