From Latin “inspirare”, meaning, to breathe into. A beautifully elegant verb that comes to us ready to glide off the tongue with ease. It contains that onomatopoeic sigh in its “s” which demonstrates the very breath! And then, a satisfying pop of the “p” that launches us to dive into and languish in its final “i” and then “r”, lips pursed like Zephyr in Botticelli’s Birth of Venus.

The breath is often overlooked as a passive function of the body. But let our word today remind you that by consciously acknowledging the breath as a function of the body to be harnessed and used as a way of reducing anxiety, you can start to enjoy the free flowing experience of being a human being capable of inspiring yourself and others to move confidently in this world. Don’t underestimate the power of breath during exacting times. Take a moment to take a deep breathe. Notice, really notice, how it feels. And contemplate how speaking is breath. You cannot have one without the other. Think of breathing and using your breath as an important aspect of your language practice.

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Andrea Heald, M.Ed., a distinguished English educator with a decade's experience, holds a Master's in teaching English as an Additional Language. With 20+ years in theater as a director, stage manager, and administrative specialist, she merges her skills to empower individuals as communicators on stage and in life.

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