Beyond Boundaries: Fluency Through Drama

Have you ever considered how the stories we tell not only entertain but bind us together? Yuval Noah Harari’s “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” delves into this with the idea of “imagined realities.” This concept resonates deeply with me, especially when it comes to teaching English through the lens of drama. In our vastContinue reading “Beyond Boundaries: Fluency Through Drama”

Idioms: Authenticity for International Actors

At the heart of acting is the pursuit of authenticity. It’s about fully inhabiting a character, understanding their world, and making it believable for the audience. This is where idioms come into play. These phrases aren’t just linguistic quirks; they’re windows into culture, history, and emotion. What are Idioms? An idiom is a phrase orContinue reading “Idioms: Authenticity for International Actors”

Identity and Accent

Let’s set the record straight. It’s pronunciation that truly matters, not your accent. The world has embraced countless actors, like the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, not because they shed their unique accent, but because their pronunciation was clear and comprehensible. Arnold’s distinct accent didn’t stop him from becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. It added charmContinue reading “Identity and Accent”

“Down the rabbit hole”

Idiom Chat with The Joy of English ( and guest, Catherine Lough Haggquist! “Down the rabbit hole” The idiom, “down the rabbit hole” is widely used and means to pursue something which leads to other questions or problems or actions. It conveys the sense that someone spends some time doing something without a clear goal.Continue reading ““Down the rabbit hole””

“Strike while the iron is hot”

Idiom Chat and The Joy of English! with guest, John Prowse! “Strike while the iron is hot” In today’s video, we use the idiom, “strike while the iron is hot”. This idiom is widely used and means to take advantage of something immediately while the opportunity exists. Here are some example sentences to help you:Continue reading ““Strike while the iron is hot””