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Preparation is the key to success in any endeavour and especially for language proficiency tests. Andrea knows how important the test is to you and your future and is committed to helping you reach your CELPIP test goals! 

Andrea offers private one-to-one sessions as well as online classes. The courses included free student workbooks and additional assistance through emailed feedback from Andrea outside of class time.

Before you prep, take the free CELPIP test online to get an idea of your level at www.celpip.ca

Each module will practice the following skills:


Students will develop their skills in listening once and extracting required information efficiently, use visual cues to garner information, understand tone and context for accurate understanding, learn to anticipate questions based on factual information, distinguish between fact and opinion, and note-taking strategies.

The module is delivered in the following format:

  • Performance standards and expectations for the exam
  • Prediction of content based on contextual clues
  • Listening exam format.
  • Connected or reduced speech in daily conversation
  • Vocabulary building resources and daily homework

Students will develop their skills in identifying the main ideas of a text and separating them from supporting details, understand meaning through context, recognize tone and intention of the writer, develop time management skills to answer questions completely and efficiently, practice note-taking strategies, and find connections between text and questions by identifying key words.

The module is delivered in the following format:

  • Expectations and performance standards for the exam
  • Reading exam strategy of eliminating answers
  • Active reading skills vs. passive reading
  • Vocabulary building exercises and worksheets
  • Recognizing paragraph structure to find answers efficiently

Students will develop skills relevant to writing high level responses for emails and surveys. Students will be able to express opinions, use conjunctions and synonyms, use indirect questions, use correct paragraph structure and relevant salutations and language for tone.

The module is delivered in the following format:

  • Expectations and performance standards for the exam
  • Precision of content and meaning
  • Identification of common errors in writing
  • Writing practice.

Students will be able to give opinions, describe picutres and make predictions, use effective language to discuss difficult situations and give strong opinions, organize responses cohesively, generate content using strategies to expand ideas, make comparisons, use effective tone and intonation for meaning, give advice, and give effective reasons for main ideas in responses.

The module is delivered in the following format:

  • Expectations and performance standards for the exam
  • Overview of 8 speaking tasks and important details to notice
  • Developing and expanding ideas
  • Building vocabulary using worksheets

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