CELPIP Preparation Programs

The Joy of English is a
CELPIP Silver Member

Preparation is the key to success in any endeavour and especially for language proficiency tests. Andrea knows how important the test is to you and your future and is committed to helping you reach your CELPIP test goals! 

Andrea offers the following one-on-one programs for CELPIP preparation. You are also encouraged to contact Andrea in the menu above to create a flexible individual plan for your specific needs. All classes are ONLINE.

Before you prep, take the free CELPIP test online to get an idea of your level at www.celpip.ca

* Each package includes free student workbooks.

There are two ways to pay: PayPal or Interac e-transfer: andrea@thejoyofenglish.ca

Book a strategy session with me to discuss the pre


This class is useful for students who want to practice strategies of all parts of the CELPIP test. The class is 20 hours of Listening, Reading, Writing AND Speaking.



This program is useful for students who wish intensive focus on one skill – 15 hours per module of Listening, Reading, Writing OR Speaking. For example, one week of Speaking class for 3 hours per day Monday to Friday.



Speaking, Writing, Reading, OR Listening – 5 hours per module. Accelerated program useful for test-takers who have taken the test before and want to practice particular skills.


Book at Strategy Session with me to discuss your CELPIP Preparation questions and goals:

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